How to shut down a product

Recently I shut down one of my projects ListList, so I decided to write a guide on how to properly do that since there is not so many info about that topic on the Internet.

This guide is about closing a web product, but with some minor changes, you could apply it to other types of products.

I won’t discuss whether it’s the right decision to close a product and what can you do to avoid that. I also won’t discuss legal, financial, technical, and other issues that you might be required to deal with (especially if you’re closing a big product).

My focus in this guide will be on establishing good communication with your customers to make the shutdown less painful for them. They rely on your product and will be upset about its closure. Your goal is to make that as less uncomfortable as possible. launch

Recently I had this issue when I find some good information source, but I don’t like the medium it gets delivered. Usually, it’s some email newsletter that pop ups in my inbox, which gets me distracted. It’s a way much better to get it delivered to my RSS reader. Or you can set up cron jobs errors to be delivered to your email inbox. But you prefer to get them in a Slack channel.